Table Tools

Increase your Sales and Improve your service with Sabor POS

Improve Service Coordination

Sabor POS app allows your staff to use tablets and touch screens in order to send orders of the tables right to the kitchen display screen, It improves time of service and waiter/kitchen coordination


Keep the track of every Order

Our windows POS is reliable online and offline. It lets you take orders even without the Internet and sync with the cloud when you are back online, Sabor POS is a solid software with a withstand backup hardware


As easy as placing an order

The time when your staff has to re-check the kitchen orders and go ahead to assist the customers are finished. With Sabor surface POS tablets , servers can create orders and check them on the spot, so keep your customer satisfied while you can check the status of orders with a quick look at your tablet.
You can improve the environment and efficiency of your business with touch screen streamlines and make the ordering experience more enjoyable for your customers.