Sabor POS run on any Windows 10 hardware available. Choose over 100's of different options or look over Sabor POS catalogue

Elo Bundle

Elo Restaurant Point of Sale

If you want to run the Sabor POS with less cables and clutter, you can purchase an Elo Touch Monitor. The touch monitor is a blend of Elo’s rugged screen technology and the latest Windows 10 computer. It’s fast, sturdy, and ready to run Sabor POS. Easy to setup and quick to get running.

Surface Pro Bundle

Microsoft Surface POS Bundles

You can setup Sabor POS on any Microsoft Surface, simply find the Surface Pro device of your choice and download Sabor POS. Whenever you want to upgrade, simply swap the Microsoft Surface and you’re back to making sales on the Sabor POS.

Restaurant ready!

Multiple device support

Sabor POS supports many different devices. Any Windows 10 device works for Sabor POS. Tablet, Desktop. Laptop, and more. You’ll always have a new device to run Sabor POS with.

200+ Features

Sabor POS has over 200 features that can help you run your restaurant easier and more efficiently. If we don’t have a feature you need, just shoot us a message at customer support and we’re happy to add it.

Simple and fast

Sabor POS was built by Restaurant owners, waiters and managers. We’ve made our Interface simple and easy to understand with speed as a focus. We removed the clutter from older POS and put the top features in the spotlight.

Sabor POS Tablets Windows POS