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Built by Restaurant Owner

Sabor POS Restaurant Tablet

Sabor POS gives you the best of both worlds, a reliable and speedy point of sale system built specifically for your restaurant whether is a full service restaurant, quick service, bars & clubs, food trucks or multi-location restaurants paired with the flexibility and intelligence of the cloud.

Sabor POS software has over 200 features that can help you manage your restaurant effectively and hassle free

Sabor POS Table FeaturesYou can Merge, Split and Combine Tables and easily customization for every order with easy modifiers

Sabor POS MobileEquip your staff with our Windows Phone companion app with detailed information and images for each menu item

Sabor POS CloudAll of your data gets backed up to the cloud automatically, ensuring you the safest POS system for your restaurant

Sabor POS AnalyticsSabor creates an intelligent analysis of your sales that explain your business progress and projections to you.

Sabor is Here to Help

POS Solutions for every type of restaurant. Sabor POS software has over 200 features that can help you manage your restaurant effectively and hassle-free

Sabor POS Tablets
POS Cloud Data

We have simplified the way you look at orders. Easily see how the orders in your restaurant are split to see where you are doing great and where you can improve.


Your restaurant produces a lot of important data that can accumulate really quickly. Sabor built a dashboard specifically for Restaurant owners, to keep your data secure and safe.


With Sabor POS you can add multiple restaurants under one account, track all of their activities instantly, and continue expanding your menu and work force. Our software is built so that you can help grow your restaurant business.

Built for Business that Serves Food

Restaurants, Bars, Food Trucks, and basically any place that serves food will have special needs that are unique to our industry. Sabor POS was setup to have all the features food establishments need, as well as some unique ones that will make your life easier.

POS Food Plate

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