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Intelligent Windows POS Software built for Restaurants

Sabor POS helps you manage your restaurant more efficiently through our all in one solution

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Built by Restaurant Owners

Sabor POS Software has 200+ Features to help you manage your restaurant effectively and hassle free

Ticket Features

You can Merge, Split, and Combine Tables

Kitchen Screens

Recieve your orders in the kitchen


Get all of the restaurants data in real time

Intelligent Data

Our software intelligently analyzes your sales.


All of your Data gets backedup in the cloud.


Set up your restaurants lay out.


Manage Your Entire Restaurant with Sabor POS Software

Front House, Kitchen, and Back House can all communicate with each other. We create efficiency through communication


Sabor POS

Sabor POS Software comes with thousands of hardware options. Any Windows 8 or 10 Device works, we support a number of receipt printers and cash drawers. We support a lot of Legacy Printers and Cash Drawers too! Find out more about our hardware configurations here.


Kitchen Screen Displays

We offer a unique module for your kitchen screen. With the Kitchen Display Setup you can have your chefs see current and closed orders. All order information including prep time are available on the dashboard.


Sabor POS Software for Windows 10

Sabor POS was built for all types of devices. You can access the Sabor app through phones, tablets, laptops, and PC's. Any device that runs windows 10 or even windows 8.1 is perfect for Sabor POS. The Owner Dashboard can be accessed through all types of devices. Its adaptable for Phones and tablets. See whats happening in your restaurant all the time

Built for Businesses that Serve Food

Restaurants, Bars, Food Trucks, and basically any place that serves food will have special needs that are unique to our industry. Sabor POS was setup to have all the features food estalibshments need, as well as some unique ones that will make your life easier.

Food Truck
Food Trucks

Powerful Restaurant Management Portal

As a restaurant owner, you are always on the move working on 10 different tasks. The Sabor POS admin portal is built to give you all the KPI of your restaurants in real time and to help you make decisions based on actionable restaurant data.

Safe and Secure Data
Your restaurant produces a lot of important data that can accumulate really quickly. Sabor built a dashboard specifically for Restaurant owners, to keep your data secure and safe.
Better Business Decisions with Powerful Restaurant Analytics
We have simplified the way you look at orders. Easily see how the orders in your restaurant are split to see where you are doing great and where you can improve.
Built for Restaurant Growth
With Sabor POS you can add multiple restaurants under one account, track all of of ther activities instantly, and continue expanding your menu and work force. Our software is built so that you can help grow your restaurant business.

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